Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What would Batman do?

The aim of the game is simple. A situation will be outlined, and it will be the reader’s job to try and think what Batman would do, under the circumstances.

I appreciate that there are a number of different Batmen in existence. So, feel free to specify whether you mean Camp 60's Bats or Batman/Superman uber-Bats. I’ll give the blogohedron a day or two to suggest his actions before offering the solution.

Today’s dilemma:

You know that your best friend’s wife has cheated on him. You also know exactly who she was unfaithful with. They’ve been doing it for ages, and obviously you’ve know about it from day one – come on, you’re the World’s Greatest Detective. However, you put it to one side as you have bigger fish to deal with (e.g. the Joker, and his laughing fish).

However, you cannot ignore the issue any longer because your best friend asks you point blank whether you know if his wife is cheating on him.

What would Batman do?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lt. James Gordon: I never said thank you.
Batman: And you'll never have to.

Best mates ... mutual respect and understanding ... Batman would say nothing. He wouldn't need to.

12:13 pm  
Blogger Bat-Mac said...

That's ironic, because as we all know it's Gordon who cheated on his wife (see Batman: Year One)!

12:16 pm  
Blogger Spider-Sam said...

He'd probably build a big satellite to watch everyone and not tell anybody about it, right?

Or if it's the 1950's Batman then he'd probably distract everyone from the matter at hand by talking about boners. Or by dressing an ape up in a Bat-costume.

9:25 pm  
Blogger Spider-Sam said...

Actually, I reckon Bats wouldn't hesitate to tell his mate about his wife's cheating - he seems a little... old-fashioned with regards to his views on women, as the image at this link clearly proves:

5:10 pm  
Blogger Tom Foss said...

He would tell his friend to ask his wife.

8:04 pm  
Blogger rhein said...

he would tell his friend to ask his wife, and tell the wife to talk to his friend.

5:33 pm  
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