Monday, July 25, 2005

Pie in the Sky II

(When I said Monday, I meant "next Monday" I apologise to my loyal reader for this):
Dear Bat-Mac

Thank you for your email regarding Yu-Gi-Oh.

Sky always welcome viewer's comments and feedback and all the points raised in your email have been noted and passed to Sky One for their information.

Thank you for your interest in Sky.

Kind regards

Sky Girl
Viewer Relations
I think this means War. They're Adam Strange!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Pie in the Sky I

From: Bat-Mac
Sent: 12 July 2005 15:34
Subject: 7:30am Monday-Friday slot: Sky One
Dear Sky,
Please can you get rid of Yu-Gi-Oh (or whatever it's called) which currently pollutes the previously sacrosanct 7:30am slot on Sky One from Monday to Friday.
It would be very much appreciated if you could bring back "Batman" - that was fantastic, a great way to wake up before heading to work.
Acceptable alternatives would be the "Superman" animated show, also from Warner Brothers.
I would appreciate a reply, ideally saying that this is going to happen within a week or so! Just kidding, but seriously, let's get some quality in this time period. It is essential for the productivity of the nation.

Have I changed the face of programming as we know it? Find out on Monday..!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Dead(a)head of FP

I’ve just been on a manic, sweaty dash through the streets of Edinburgh to Forbidden Planet, to check the shop out as a potential (and, as there is only FP and the previously discussed Deadhead, probable) source of new comics every Thursday.

I eventually found it. I had passed it about 5 minutes previous, but was overwhelmed by the Piemaker next door, so missed it.

A crowded affair that you either regard as atmospheric or off-putting, FP Edinburgh leaves a lot to be desired, especially when compared to others in the chain such as Manchester.

It stocks the usual assortment of Graphic Novels and Magna, plus toys, DVDs, clothes and other paraphernalia .

I eventually located the new comics in the far corner and was disgusted. Firstly, they were stuck in little upright containers within a giant shelving system. People may have thought this was a good idea once, but the reality is that if you have 15 comics compacted into a rigid area, if you want to flick to the one in the back, you are bending, and thus badly injuring the remaining 14. Secondly, the had sold out of OMAC Project 3, and I was not best pleased.

I managed to salvage copies of Teen Titans 23, Batman/Superman 19 (Batman always comes first, you fucking alien!) and a few others, but refused to purchase any copy of Green Lantern 2 they had as the damage was too great for even me (someone not too hung up about “condition”) to bear.

With my lunch-hour ticking down, I cut my losses and went to Deadhead, where their open display area and unbent (heterosexual?!) comics were a joy to behold. Although a few pence per dollar more than FP, I had made my decision by the time I got to the shop – Deadhead was to be my preferred supplier of comics during my time in Edinburgh.

I’ve already made friends with Gavin, one of the guys who runs the shop, and have both covers of All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder being kept back for me tomorrow. On my way back I even worked out the shortest route to the shop in an almost omen-like portent. Thursday lunchtimes will never be the same again!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


A war has been raging across the comics blogosphere for the last few months. A war that has divided normally civilised bloggers between two camps – those who support Rann, part-time home of Adam Strange, and those backing the mace-swinging might of Thanagar, home of at least one version of Hawkman.

While hostilities have cooled recently in the aftermath of Robby Reed’s devastating “Continuity Bomb”, tension is still running high, as evidenced by Thanagarian Scipio’s response to my post panning Green Arrow:

“Oh and the answer to how Green Arrow got into the League? The alternative was Adam Strange...”

I have reserved judgement while the juggernauts of the blogging community churn out propaganda and spin worthy of the “Coalition of the Willing”. However, after watching The Simpsons Episode “Midnight Rx” last night and hearing this…

Apu: "Shiva save me!"
Flanders: "Why don't you just call Hawkman?"

it became crystal clear where The Blog Cave’s support should lie.

If Jebus-loving Flanders hates Hawkman, then I love Hawkman.

How can anyone disagree with Apu, and his “super-team of deities”?


Monday, July 11, 2005


A rather uninteresting and embarrassing post, but an event I need to document anyway.

Last night, on the first night of my 2 month stay in Edinburgh, I went to the cinema to watch Batman Begins again, with the sole intention of trying to figure out the plot.

The screen was massive and there were very few chimps in the auditorium so I settled down to relax and enjoy the best Batman film ever made.

Then I fell asleep half-way through.

I kinda remember parts of the film. The first time I fell asleep was during a conversation between Falcone and Crane – ironically the first conversation the expounded on the plot.

At this point, I should have left the cinema and gone to bed but I battled on. I caught some of the Bat-tank’s chase to the cave. I missed the entirety of the Wayne Manor scenes that end up in it being burnt down. I was fully awake for the last fifteen minutes though, so was still able to be thoroughly disgusted by Bruce not saving Ra’s and letting him plummet to “death” as the train goes off the tracks.

My passing out is not representative of how high I regard the film. I was pretty exhausted yesterday. I’ll just have to go and see it again, this time with a packet of Pro-Plus just in case!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


When I started this blog, I wanted to talk about comics, and specifically my life through comics. No politics, religion or other subjects less important than the funny books.

However, as I live in, work in and love London I felt it would be inappropriate to neglect today’s events, just like Marvel didn’t neglect the Twin Towers incident in Amazing Spiderman #36.

The day after the fantastic news the London has won the Olympic Games – the closest thing we have on this planet to an exhibition of super-heroics – has come a day of fear and tragedy co-ordinated by cowards, whoever they may be.

One thing comics have a lot of is violence, but in the real world no violence can be tolerate by rational men.

The people responsible for these crimes must be brought to justice – notice the words “the people responsible” and not “people who look like the people responsible”. They must be made to pay for their crimes and in the process may all people be brought together in this most cosmopolitan of cities to show their strength to the world. Let those who worship evil’s might beware the power of the London’s light...